What Do I get From Web Hosting?

The web is a dynamic place. It’s full of life, streaming data and exciting opportunities for us all. The science of the internet goes beyond what your computer can do when you’re active on the Net. A network of routers is what upholds this public system, and within these servers, data can be sent and retrieved. The steps are possible because of IPs known as internet protocols, which allow data to process on autopilot. You need a host in order to route your website’s-IP data to others. You may own a computer and a cool webpage, but you don’t have the servers that can store information to be extracted by other people. A host, which acts as a representative on your behalf, provides the basic equipment you’ll need. Without their servers, the internet wouldn’t be accessible on a grand scale, and your site would never get noticed. Data centers have to be protected and must be fast; you’ll always have the best equipment with these hosts.

Is a WordPress Hosting Server Necessary?

Businesses or individuals have two options when working with WordPress. Users can provide their own host or use the hosting offered by WordPress. Between these two options, the feature shared among them is your access to the WP-source code. WordPress is a free, open-source software that anyone can use. It doesn’t just help you to build a website; its objective is to enable everyone to do so. The ideas you have, which would ideally require computer coding, can be published in your own home, at your own pace and with little money. The WordPress mission statement describes it as “democratized publishing.” The software gives each of us a world-class outlet to work with. Your WP site can be activated by using your own host or by getting free, WP services. Paying for your own host will give you the best options with the WP-source code. This brings us to the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

The .com: Hosted by WordPress

– Operating Through WordPress: This option means that you’ll be working through WP. Your domain name will, at first, be based on a WP title and your site will have WordPress advertising on it.

– No Plugins: The central reason for using WP is for the plugins. Plugins enable you to use computer code without knowing how to actually write it. You won’t have full access to the world of plugins when using WordPress as your hosting provider.

– Upgrades are Required: The endless features of WordPress can be obtained by increasing the amount you pay. You’ll need to upgrade your account, and each package releases more features as you move up.

The .org: Self-Hosted

– Operated Through Your Own Host: Your own host will provide server space to operate a website on, and as long as you’ve paid for their services, you can host WordPress without a fee. In this option, you’ll obtain all of the SEO features, templates, themes and controls that your heart desires.

– Unlimited Plugins: Creating a membership site, running professional analytics and automating your SEO are just a few things that plugins do. There are plugins for chatbots, for animated headlines and for getting your content crawled faster.

– Your Domain Name: Your domain is also under your complete control. You won’t have to share that name with a WordPress insert, and no WordPress ads will be placed on your site. In fact, you’ll have complete control over your advertisement once you get started.

Where Can I Find Some Help with WordPress Hosting?

Get a third-party agency to manage your website. With so many features and addons within WP, it can be a hassle to manage them all on your own. The WPengine is a team of WordPress developers who work to invigorate even the simplest product or service. A website is a dynamic protocol that can achieve a great deal. It’s important to have the right setup and to troubleshoot challenges as they arise. From planning to growth, the steps of a website’s creation can be placed into the hands of true professionals. This is the best way to automate your ideas and to get them molded into a digital-sales funnel. Essentially, through the WPengine team, you won’t have to employ an entire staff when launching, maintaining or upgrading your pages. The work can be done from a temporary partnership that’s centered around your needs.

How Raidboxes Can Help and Why Top Agencies Use It

Raidboxes enables agencies to take their creative ideas to greater heights. The group offers WordPress-management solutions that ensure that any function, feature or campaign is achievable. It’s not enough to rely on plugins when over 34 percent of all websites are powered by WordPress. Your agency, brand, product or service needs a competitive edge. You must rely on something that the greater population doesn’t have. Raidboxes makes hosting easier. Its packages are tailored to freelancers, blogs, businesses and agencies. Along with a simple product, clients receive a free WordPress move that transfers an existing website, no matter where it is, to a server that you can rely on. Today’s servers are crowded, and this agency promises greater performance as a result. Their servers are faster, less cluttered and full of neat tools that peak your website’s performance. Backups, mailboxes, domains and commerce shops are all part of a basic package. Security is added to your domain and can ensure your greatest level of protection. These services improve consumer confidence and will give them the right tools to make purchases with. Make the final statement now and boost the performance of your website. Transferring your site to Raidboxes is easy, fast and tailored to the needs of your business goals

How SEO Consulting can help small and medium sized Businesses

SEO provides website owners with an effective way to expand brand awareness. However, despite its “organic” nature, SEO can cost a lot. Sure, no one must pay Google to optimize online content for Google. Still, successful SEO requires intense market and keyword research as well as implementation time. In other words, businesses often have a desire to use SEO to promote growth, but fail to realize how much work the tactic involves. Moreover, SEO requires a consistent, long-term effort before its effects become apparent. For this reason, many small companies quit prematurely and, therefore, never profit from their investment. Rather than giving up on SEO or spending a lot of time and money acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, you can use a professional SEO consulting service. That way, your small or mid-sized business can stop wasting time and start generating website traffic.

Why Use an SEO Consultant?

If you want to design and execute an SEO strategy for your business, what would you do? Where would you start? Sure, you can learn tips and tips that may help, but they might not. Google uses more than 200 factors to determine how a page appears in search results. Those factors often depend on one another. A do-it-yourself SEO campaign would require you to learn about and master many of those factors. If you attempted SEO, you’d need to find time to do the work. For most business owners and managers, that would require you’d have to leave other tasks undone. Of course, you can enjoy expert SEO services without affecting your time by hiring an SEO consultant. An SEO consultant has developed and demonstrated expertise in the field of SEO. Such a person understands the nuances of search engines and the industry. Even better, an SEO consultant already knows how to use SEO to get measurable results.

Getting Started

Rather than rushing to find an available SEO consultant, you should spend time preparing yourself for the experience. For instance, you should carefully review and update your business’ goals. After all, if you don’t know what you want to accomplish, your SEO consultant won’t either. You should also perform a thorough analysis of your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Pay attention to your entire operation and analyze all your business’ processes. When you’re done, you can start thinking about your website’s objectives and searching for an SEO consultant.

What to Expect

In most cases, your SEO consultant will tell you what to do but won’t do the work. So, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the possibility of hiring new employees and freelancers to carry out your consultant’s instructions. Of course, you can expect to encounter consultants who vary in terms of experience and reputation. Also, you’ll also discover that some have better references than others. Some consultants will probably have better presentations and communicate better with you. You don’t have to choose a consultant today. So, you have time to carefully evaluate your options. Before signing a contract, make sure that you and your prospective SEO consultant have clear expectations. In addition to setting goals for your relationship, you should also stipulate each of your responsibilities. Likewise, you should define how you will measure results and how you’ll define success.

Benefits of SEO Consultants

Having an SEO consultant by your side gives you numerous advantages. To begin with, you’ll have help developing a realistic SEO strategy that’s designed to support your overarching goals. Your consultant will present you with an action plan that includes numerous SEO tactics. All you must do is follow your consultant’s instructions. Your consultant will monitor your progress and, when needed, provide recommendations for corrective action. So, if you’re doing something wrong, you’ll have professional guidance that can help you improve your skills and refine your tactics. To begin with, your consultant will help you choose the keywords and phrases that have the most relevance to your target market. This information will create a solid foundation for your SEO strategy that will create a sustainable online presence for your business.

SEO consulting can involve a collection of many possible tactics:

• Existing content optimization.

• Website design.

• Content creation guidance.

• Website search-engine submission.

• Backlink development.

• Data collection.

• Analytics.

• Reporting.

SEO Consultant: What to Avoid

Beware of SEO consultants that make spectacular promises. For example, you should avoid someone who promises to get your website listed at the top of Google within a specific period. Such a commitment may depend on questionable shortcuts that can damage your businesses’ reputation. In some cases, Google may penalize your website for using such “black hat” tactics. Overall, a good SEO consultant will create a stable, technically sound online presence that will survive algorithm changes and create an outstanding experience for your customers.

What to Ask

To avoid a potentially negative experience, you should ask any potential SEO partner some key questions. For example, you should find out what changes the consultant might make to your existing site. You’ll want to avoid anyone who wants to engage in an overhaul that involves unproven technologies, flashy graphics, and navigation changes. Such drastic measures can detract from the usability of your site and reduce its exposure to search-engine spiders. Some SEO specialists save time by buying and exchanging backlinks. Such tactics can reduce your website’s domain authority score and thereby reduce your site’s visibility in search results. Even a legitimate backlink campaign can cause problems if spammy, low-quality websites link to yours. So, look for a consultant who will help you earn backlinks from high-value domains. When you choose to use an SEO consulting service, you should have a clear understanding of its cost.

While asking about rates and fees for SEO services, find out about other services offered by the same firm. Some services offer PPC, social media marketing, and other services that you can leverage to enhance your SEO campaigns. SEO consulting can help you and your businesses get noticed online. By getting professional help, you can save wasted time and money that often characterizes do-it-yourself strategies. Use the above questions and tips to find the SEO consultant that best fits the needs and goals of your organization.


Everything You Need To Know About Emoji????

It is the one subject that comes up in web development more and more all the time, what in the world is an emoji and why are they so important? The answer to this is complicated and yet simple at the same time. The reason for this is due to the fact that emojis are part of our everyday life and seem to be everywhere that we look on a regular basis. They are used in web apps, our instant messages and almost every other thing that we do online on a daily basis. So here is all you ever wanted to know about emojis but were afraid to ask about them.

Express Your Emotions Easily

Emojis are the little icons that we use when we are looking to express our emotions this has become the popular way for people to express a wide range of emotions. We have advanced far from the old days of “????” to express happiness and have advanced to a much larger amount of these on a regular basis. As time has went on the people behind emojis have seen that they needed to create new ones to expand the range of emotions that a person might feel.

There is such a world of emojis that there is a dictionary that many people will need to refer to in terms of helping to understand all that there is about this subject. Many of these are made up of character sets, these sets contain simple characters that when put into a string of succession will form the proper emoji. Take example the smiley face emoji, this is created through the use of the “:” and the “)” characters. This in turn when put in succession leads to “????” being formed. Many of the newer emojis are a lot more complicated than this and as a result will lead to a lot more characters in the line.

Safe Time While Being More Precisely

Emojis are used for more than just messaging people on a daily basis. These are used to shorthand a number of things that a person is expressing one example is an emoji that represents a hamburger this can make the conversation a lot shorter than having to spell out that you are wanting to have a hamburger. This is one of the biggest and best trends that we are seeing on a regular basis when it comes to the use of emojis and web design. More and more people are implementing this onto their sites and making a lot more popular moves that tend to make their site seem more appealing to those that are interested in doing business with them. As time goes on, the use of emojis will become even more popular and will lead to more people implementing them into their web design.

How New Font Technologies Will Improve the Web

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to improve our websites and make them more user-friendly. Believe it or not, there are a ton of new technologies out there as well as new techniques that can help a developer really get an upper hand on their website and in the end lead to them having a lot more success than they had ever thought was possible. I have seen with my own eyes the migration of developers that are all looking for something better on a regular basis to help and give them an edge in the web developer game. The following are a few of the things that I have learned and want to pass along to you for your efforts.

Fonts from Different OS

One of the biggest things is that of new fonts in the old days, there just a few fonts that were at our disposal that we could use. In addition to that, there was the issue of not all fonts were able to transfer from Mac to Windows, to Linux. As things have changed that has increased and now there are fonts that transfer from OS to OS. This has been a huge advantage for people who use multiple platforms for their web development.

You need to make sure that you are seeing the forest for the pixels, this means that you need to understand that the web has grown into something much bigger than just a bunch of pixels that are on a screen, it has grown into a way of life and for a lot of people who develop on the web, they see this tradition progressing at a fever pace. You need to make sure that your pixels are coming across in a way that is easy for your readers to see and understand and that your overall message is not lost due to bad web layout. There are a number of advances that are making this a lot easier for the web developer in the end.

Variable Fonts

Variable font is another area where there are a lot of advances being made and as a result this leads to there being more functionality and the ability for one OS to understand the font from another OS. This again is useful as you need to remember that you may code in Windows, but the font you use may not be used on an Apple device and thus your results will greatly be affected. Using variable font though, you are not as constricted and don’t have to worry about the whole OS to OS thing.

As you can see a little patience and research on your part will make the entire process a lot more fun and easy for when you are in the process of developing on the web. Even the slightest little advancement can in this world have the biggest impact and is something you need to make sure you keep in mind.

The Road to Resilient Web Design

There is a lot to keep in mind when it comes to web design that will last the test of time. The biggest fear is that you will put together a great looking web site and then in the course of a year, you will discover that this will simply not be relevant any longer. Finding a great web design company will be one of the best steps that you can take to help you have a site that will be around long after you have decided to not need the web site any longer. There are also a few other things that you need to make sure that you look at while on the road to a website that is second to none.

Finding a Theme and Adding Content

Finding a theme that you can get behind will be the first tip that I give all of my clients. I tell them that you need a theme that is happening and current as to help keep more people to coming to your site from time to time. If you use a theme that is outdated and not that attention worthy, you will need to make sure that you update it on a regular basis. This will make sure that you are on your way to staying relevant and you will not fall into the trap of not being late and great.

Next make sure that you have content that people actually want to see. Everyone thinks that they know what the world wants to see. The truth of the matter is that often times, they have no real idea as to what is and is not wanted by the public. One way is to make sure that the content that you post is up to date and that it is what people are looking for and talking about. Don’t post something that is popular at the moment and then just let it linger without new content. That is a real good way to find you falling out of popularity on a lot of the search engines.

Links, Tags and Meta Data

Tags are your best friend as well as your meta data and anything else you can use to help and gain the attention of search engines. These are the things that are looked at and what is used to help determine if your site is worth being looked at or not. If you have links and tags that are pointing to relevant content, then you will be ranked a lot higher than you will if you just let it ride. Don’t just assume that you know it all when it comes to popular tactics for being relevant in the modern web era.

A little knowledge will go a long way for you in trying to get your site to be seen by the masses. If you seem to be struggling, then you need to make sure that you think about this article and take the needed steps to ensure that your site will not just be overlooked and ignored.

Quick Wins for Improving Performance and Security of Your Website

We are all looking for that one or two things that will help us to improve the performance of our site as well as keeping it as secure as it can be. While this is not always an easy thing to accomplish, the surprising thing is that it is a lot easier than one might think that it is. The following things that are listed in this article are designed to help things run better all while increasing the security of your website. Taking a few of these suggestions into consideration will make for a lot easier flow to your website.


The first suggestion is to encrypt SSL. This is something that should be common sense and yet it seems that it is not always the first couple of things that are thought about. This can increase your performance and will give you a natural sense of security when you need it the most. More and more sites are encrypting with SSL in an effort to help and increase their security with the threat of hacking and cyber threats being higher than they have ever in the past.

Use HTTP/2 as part of your design. This is the older and much wiser brother to HTTP/1 and has allowed for a number of features that make things a lot more streamlined and as a result a lot easier to proceed with on a regular basis. These performance improvements have led to many developers saying that their sites tend to load a lot faster than they did with the older version and that as a result has seen them have a lot more traffic to their site on a regular basis. So if you are still using HTTP/1, then you need to upgrade and do yourself a huge favor.

Safety and Compression of Data

The use of Brotli compression is an advantage in the fact that unlike Gzip, this results in the size of files being a lot smaller and as a result allows for there to be more files stored and taking up less space. Those that are stuck in the past will not want to let go of Gzip, but when they finally let it go and embrace Brotli compression they are a lot happier and forget about their ex as they have a better new girlfriend in regards to their compression needs.

Making sure that you are using web images instead of JPEG or PNG will lead to you seeing an increase in your load times on your website. This is a huge advantage and one that many people will want to run with when it comes to their images on their site. Since images are so vital to a good website, it is advised that you go with web images for your needs.
As you are able to see, there are a lot of advantages that you need to look at in using these wins for increasing your performance as well as increasing your security.

5 Ways to Improve Your UX Design

When it comes to digital design, there are a lot of people that will think that they have to take the rule book and throw it out of the window. The truth of the matter is that sometimes you need to take a chance and trust your gut feeling in order to make a wise decision. This approach can also mean taking things back to the bare essentials and thus make your life a lot easier. So in the course of this article we will look at a few ways that you can improve your UX design and not lose what little hair you have left.

Take Time to Focus on the Big Picture

If you have a big idea, then you need to make sure that you focus on that and tune out the rest of the noise that will distract you from getting your idea out to the rest of the world. This can be a make or break concept that if you forget it from the beginning, can lead to you not having nearly as much success in your design. Often times a person will lose perspective and will let other things get in the way of them succeeding.

Research is Not Always Your Friend

While it is important to get an idea of what people are looking for, you need to make sure that you go a little more to the side of not always relying on what it is that the public tells you. Take this as an example; had Henry Ford listened to the public, instead of cars, he would have had faster horses. You can always go back in the end and make any little adjustments that need to be made. It is important that from the beginning you trust your instincts and go with what you think people are looking for in regards to new ideas and not just making something that already exists better.

Keep it Simple Stupid

This sounds like it should be common sense, but a lot of people get too involved with what they are doing and do not keep their eyes focused on the bare essentials. While you may get the UX right from the beginning, you need to really make sure that you don’t get lost in regards to the content. This is again an area that seems to have a lot of people confused on a lot of occasions. Just remember that you need to keep the design simple and not get overwhelmed by the small details.

Look at Your Content from the Beginning

We all know that content is king and as such we need to make sure that we keep that in mind and are thinking about content from the start of our process. If you fail to accomplish this, you will look like you simply shoved something in as a secondary thought. When you do this, you are actually doing more harm than good.

Don’t Let Small Things Get in the Way

Don’t let small detail be what derails your ambitions. We often times let the small potatoes get to be much bigger than they really should be and as a result we tend to really throw our development off. As mentioned earlier in the article, keep yourself focused and not let things distract you.

How to Avoid Prototyping Pitfalls

In web development prototypes seem to be over used on a regular basis. This has in the past led to an issue of prototyping and the pitfalls that are associated with this subject. There are ways that you can avoid this if you are careful and know what you are doing. The best way to do this is to take the advice contained in this article and to run with it and implement it in your everyday life. You will see that soon you will be avoiding the pitfalls and will be well on your way to getting web development that is out of this world. This will be looked at as your guide to avoiding pitfalls that commonly befall a person in their web design.

Use Good Plug-Ins

The biggest pitfall you will generally encounter is that of things not always going as they should in the process of development. When this happens, you will have side effects that will be generally very much on the negative side. This can be avoided if you use plug-ins that are reliable and that are proven to have been tested on a number of other platforms. Also if you over use plug-ins, then you will generally find yourself in a situation where the pitfalls will all but come to you.

I have seen a number of people that have taken their time to create an app or a web site and they think that will be almost perfect and when they went to go and implement it, they find out that it is anything but reliable. When this happens, you will find that all your efforts will have been for nothing. By using things that have been approved and tested, you will have a successful web development that will get you the needed results.

Remind Your Failures

If you have a failure, you need to make sure that you access what went wrong and how you can alter things in the future to avoid the same issues. Many people will not learn this lesson and as a result will generally keep falling for the same pitfalls time and time again.

As you can see, there is a great amount of advice that you can get when you take the time to look at the potential pitfalls and go out of your way to avoid them at all costs. Even something that may seem to not be a big deal can quickly turn into something that you will need to make sure that you go to great lengths to avoid these in the future.

The Developer Tools You Need to Know

If you are a web developer, then you know there are a ton of tools out there that are designed to help you make the task a little easier. The problem is usually trying to find the right tools for the task at hand. It is for this reason that you have come to the point that you are reading this article and hoping that within it will be wise words that you can take into the world and make the task of developing a little easier for you to accomplish. I am happy to inform you that your wishes have been granted and there are a number of tools that are designed to help make your life easier.

UKit Website Builder

This is by far one of the easiest tools that I have used in quite some time as it makes the chore of doing the development a snap and allows me to produce a top of the line website in a fraction of the time that it used to take me and as a result I now have a lot more free time on my hands. One of the things that I really love about this is the drag and drop interface that is presented to you. I have seen people out there that were new at web development and as a result they would not know what to do. I often suggest that they use this tool as it is one of the most intuitive ones for a person to use on a regular basis even if they have never developed a website in the past before.


Here is another example of a development tool that is a breeze to use in helping to develop a website. While it does have a few minor things that an experienced developer might find annoying, it is worth using for a person that is not as experienced as they won’t notice the little minor issues that will pop up from time to time. This also offers the option for java script errors to be reported to you so it can make things a lot easier for you to look at and figure out where the issue is. This is the one feature that many of the advanced users tend to like when talking about why this should be considered for web development.


Looking for an awesome web developer tool that is amazing and will not be a hindrance in you trying to get your website developed, then you need to make sure that you go with Goodbarber.com to create a website that is second to none and will not be difficult to use unlike a lot of the sites that are out there on a regular basis. This is an amazing platform that is great for developing mobile apps that will be used for a number of purposes. There is almost nothing that you can’t do when you use this site to help and develop a mobile app for your business purposes. Their support is easy to get in touch with and will allow you the chance to get some amazing experience under your belt for you.

How to Use Markdown in Web Development

If you have never used Markdown in your web development then you have not been getting the most out of your web site development. There are several ways that you can use Markdown in the process of your web development. After one time of doing this, you will be asking yourself why you had not done this sooner in your web development. We will look at a few things that you need to make sure that you keep in mind when you get ready to use this in the process of developing a website.

First Steps

You first need to make sure that you choose a Markdown editor that you can use for your developing process. Making sure that you have an editor and an interpreter for the site will be crucial as if you don’t have these things, you will need to make sure that you convert before you publish the Markdown. Having an editor will make your life a lot more easy and will make the process of working with Markdowns that much more smooth.

The next thing you need to be aware of is that of headings. Setting up your headings in the right manner will make a ton of difference in the way that the entire operation will run. Many people go into this and have little to no idea what a heading is and how exactly it relates to them, the simple truth heading can make or break what you are trying to accomplish if they are not done properly. The way that these headings are done will differ between if you are going with incoming or outgoing. The way that they are laid out will be crucial in helping you to have titles that will work for what you are trying to accomplish on the web development.

HTML coding and Paragraphs

It is important that you markup your paragraphs. Often times this will get overlooked and will not be given the importance that it really should be given. Marking up a paragraph is a very easy thing to accomplish and can get you some amazing results that you might not have known were possible. The process is actually quite easy as you will want to make sure that it is laid out in a manner that the whitespace will be ignored when using the right HTML coding. This is another example of how using markdown in your web development can greatly assist you in your development needs.

As you can see the connection between web development and markdown is something that can make a difference in the ease it will be to get a quality result from your efforts as well as it will make sure that your website will have a very easy and professional layout for your efforts. This is not nearly as hard of a task to accomplish as it once was as there have been a number of tricks and methods that have been used to make this process a lot easier than it used to be.