History of Awards Featured Online & on TV

The history of special website design awards goes back to 1996 when the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences launched the now famed “Webby Awards.” The academy relies on top judges and the public to decide what web page excels and why. The academy also notes that the history of web design awards goes back to the very dawn of the Internet age some 25 years ago.

At the time, the main criteria for most web page design awards were centered on “how many hits” the site received. Meanwhile, today’s rating system for awarding prizes or other website design awards is more varied and even complex. For instance, the famed Oscars, Tony, BAFTA, Emmy and Cannes Film Festival honors are now included in “media awards” that honor “media” in cyberspace. The awards include best website, best video game, best podcast, best online video and much more. Industry experts think as the Internet evolves and becomes linked to other more traditional media, the awards will also morph into something along the lines of today’s Academy Awards.

Development of Awards and Formal Recognition

While there is no “Oscar” for best website design, there are “The Webby Awards” that honor website design achievement online. Meanwhile, there are other Internet awards that focus more on new website trends, technology and even new “talent” featured online at trending video, audio or blog styled web pages. The evolution of online media design awards includes a growing list of categories. There is best “collaborative Internet project,” for example.

The history of online web page design awards include:
– How information technology is pushing the best in online website design trends and use of digital technologies.
– How to discover and properly recognize the effort and talents of top website design agencies, web developers and web page designers.
– How web page design competition is driving true innovation and top website design nationwide and internationally.
– How annual web design events, competitions and conferences now drive this vital marketing element.

In general, the history of website design is linked to a steady evolution of trends and information technology industry skills to present the best-of-the-best online today.

Evolution of Best Website Design

The process of earning recognition in one of the many online website design competitions is user friendly. For instance, there are numerous annual awards for design and general website presentation. The winning criteria varies, but it is generally based on a 1 to 10 scale when judging a site’s overall functionality, usability, use of code and focus on creativity.

Meanwhile, there are various website design categories that focus on such things as leisure, medical, legal, advertising, travel, sports, retail, real estate, pharmaceuticals, news and music. There is also a specialized category of web design awards that recognize the best in innovation, use of design elements, copywriting and overall ease of use for a wide variety of users. For example, there are even awards for specialized web pages for “Baby Boomers” or “Teens” or even new mothers.

Overall, there has never been a better time for website owners to get recognition for the super design of their web pages. The best advice is to contact one of the many online marketing agencies to get rules and criteria for web design awards. According to the American Advertising Federation, there are more than 130 different categories of web design awards going on today.

Awards for Web Design: Best Inspiration Explained

It is no secret that human beings desire recognition for things they achieve in their personal and professional lives.

Thus, there are such things as “Website of the Year,” or “Web Designer of the Year” or “Best Whatever Awards” featured online, on television and in various print publications. While the criteria for various “media” awards often differ, there is always some sort of “creative” aspect to the best web design, best business site, best marketing agency site, etc..

In general, the main focus for awards for popular design is to showcase the massive range of high quality creative websites featured on the Internet today.

Recognition for Best Web Design

There is something very “human” about various online awards that recognize such things as best website or Internet marketing. According to the International Awards & Personalization Expo officials commenting online, the aim for all website design awards is to recognize new trends in web page presentation; while also bringing needed recognition to those in the information technology industry that excel in their craft. By providing annual awards that spotlight the Internet’s vibrant online network of professional designers and information technology (IT) professionals, the awards help ensures there is growth in the industry.

Meanwhile, the awards for popular website design showcase new talent online at a time when the Internet’s business and professional community is both highly competitive and growing at a steady rate. In fact, there has been a rise in various web design media awards simply because users enjoy online web page presentations just as much or more than what they read in print newspapers, magazines and other popular media. Website Award Categories Growing According to the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the top website awards are based on such things as visual design, interactivity, functionality, content, structure, navigation and overall user experience. In turn, today’s information technology industry has established numerous awards to recognize the best of the best online. The Webby Awards have thus become the “Oscars” for website owners and designers wanting to showcase their web pages as outstanding for various reasons.

Web design award criteria include: – The best online use of information technology. – Ease of use for clients and customers. – A focus on interactivity and design innovation. – Excelling at copywriting and overall presentation of content. – Use of various website design elements.

Overall, there are many top website award winners who achieved recognition for “thinking outside the box,” explained a longtime IT professional commenting online. The IT also noted how the most used or effective web pages online today provide user friendly directions and a forum for conducting business. He said the entrants benefit from “regular web page assessment” because they are graded by peers taking on the role of professional website judges. The result is a positive way and means to develop and evaluate various criteria for choosing the best website designs online today.

What Makes Good Award Design?

Good web award design has the highest and most prestigious and innovative graphic designs providing an extraordinary design in excellence, that sits at the pinnacle of success of all other web designs globally. The Good Award Design has been in existence since 1996. Good Award Design honors excellence on the Internet and is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Judges for this prestigious award in web design makes up a panel of the most authoritative figures in leading web design. Additional business figures, visionaries, creative celebrities and former Webby Award Winners judge. The Internet plays such a compelling part in life today. When the Internet is down, life seems to stop. People rely on informative and useful websites throughout their day. This award honors excellence in websites, online film and video, mobile sites and application, social web and interactive advertising and media.

A Good Design Pulls People Into the Site

An award-winning web design should stop viewers in their tracks, making the viewer sit and just stare at the site. The site should expound on information useful to the viewer while pulling the person into the site as though they are somehow a part of that site. A site that is both informative and creatively innovative offer the viewer valuable information. The information on a website needs to be compelling and important to the reader while conveying a powerful message. There are some excellent websites that allow the viewer to control how the site appears by allowing viewers the ability to adjust the focus and lighting of the video presented.

People enjoy being in control and website with this feature are exceptional quality. A quality website needs to present fun and be easy to navigate through and hold the viewer’s attention. No bottom in the website only holds the viewer capitatived and the possibility of returning to the website is high. When a website allows the viewer to interact with the site this holds interest. An award-winning web design needs to be crazy in flawless design and imagination. The design must be in balance with issues such as minimal content ranging to a heightened design.

Good Business Website Means Profitability


Business related websites must present and engaging landing page. It needs to be understandable and easy for the viewer to navigate. Sharing on the site with friends should be present and easy to do. The way in which a website grows is if the site offers easy reading, is easy to use and easy to share with friends. Sites that offer these components mean growth and profitability for the business. The site must be so excellent that no one wanders away. People want to come back to the site for updates and information. Repeated visits made to the site causes increased business growth. The marketing strategies are unique. Keeping designs to a minimum is more productive versus over-stuffing the site causing the viewer to become confused, distracted and frustrated, leaving the site. Combining images and high-resolution photos, along with useful information draws viewers into the site. These things help to build a brand and logo awareness of the business. In the end, this boosts sales and profitability for the site.

An award-winning website for a business must devise a unique way of showing off what the product line entails in a most appealing way. Smart, innovative designers may design tool bars with small fun icons to guide and direct the reader to the next level. Small factors seem to do a lot to hold the attention of the viewer and bring them back for more. If a website conveys all the right information, but is laid out in a manner that does not draw viewers into it and keep viewers coming, back fails in its purpose of the award-winning attractiveness of the site. It takes the designer skill, knowledge of technical issues and individual personal style to develop an award-winning web design.

If your web design can combine all of these qualities it may be the next award-winning website globally.