Creating a good web design: The things that matter

Creating a good website is all dependent upon the design of the website itself. There are a number of different things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to creating a good quality web design, such as the colors that you will use, the design that you will incorporate as well as how easily a visitor will be able to view your website. Understanding the components of a good web design could potentially spell the difference between the success or failure of your website, which is why, in the following article, we have compiled some of the most important components that you need to keep in mind when it comes to creating a good web design.


The first and foremost component of a good web design is to keep the purpose of your website in mind. If you are creating an online blog for reading purposes, make sure you create a template that facilitates reading. Provide your readers with simple options such as choosing between black on white or white on black backgrounds and writing styles, and provide them with a seamless navigational bar that allows them to choose the different articles with ease. Each and every single page of your website should serve a clear purpose, and the complete design should be adjusted accordingly.



The colors of your website will potentially determine how much time a person is willing to spend on it. Usually, colors such as white or blue are always used on websites which attracts millions of visitors throughout the day; this is because white and blue do not hurt the eye as much as purple or red, for instance. Keeping a white background with black text, or a light blue background, or even light green, is a good idea since these are all welcoming colors, and look very pleasing to the eyes.


You can’t create a good web design unless it is easy to navigate for the average visitor. Creating a complicated website with a unique design, but one that makes it very difficult for an average person to navigate through can be difficult will not be considered a very good web design. You need to make sure that you create an extremely simplistic navigational option for your visitors, so that people are able to move from one page to another without going through a lot of hassle.

Use the ‘F’ Layout

People usually like to read from left to right, and from top to bottom, so make sure that you adopt this approach. Whatever content you put on your website, whatever pictures or information you put on your website, make sure you use the ‘F’ layout approach so as people do not have to adjust to a different reading style. Adopting the ‘F’ layout makes life easier for the visitors, as well as for your website’s content.

Mobile Friendly


In this day and age, you must not discount mobile technology. More people access websites using their smart phones or tablets as compared to those who use their computers for web browsing. If you want to really create an excellent web design, make sure you create one that is friendly with mobile phones, and can easily be optimized for use on the mobile without a great deal of hassle.

These are some of the most important components of a good web design, so make sure that you keep them in mind when creating your own website. Keeping these things in mind will not only help you create a good web design, but will also attract more users to your page.