Quick Wins for Improving Performance and Security of Your Website

We are all looking for that one or two things that will help us to improve the performance of our site as well as keeping it as secure as it can be. While this is not always an easy thing to accomplish, the surprising thing is that it is a lot easier than one might think that it is. The following things that are listed in this article are designed to help things run better all while increasing the security of your website. Taking a few of these suggestions into consideration will make for a lot easier flow to your website.


The first suggestion is to encrypt SSL. This is something that should be common sense and yet it seems that it is not always the first couple of things that are thought about. This can increase your performance and will give you a natural sense of security when you need it the most. More and more sites are encrypting with SSL in an effort to help and increase their security with the threat of hacking and cyber threats being higher than they have ever in the past.

Use HTTP/2 as part of your design. This is the older and much wiser brother to HTTP/1 and has allowed for a number of features that make things a lot more streamlined and as a result a lot easier to proceed with on a regular basis. These performance improvements have led to many developers saying that their sites tend to load a lot faster than they did with the older version and that as a result has seen them have a lot more traffic to their site on a regular basis. So if you are still using HTTP/1, then you need to upgrade and do yourself a huge favor.

Safety and Compression of Data

The use of Brotli compression is an advantage in the fact that unlike Gzip, this results in the size of files being a lot smaller and as a result allows for there to be more files stored and taking up less space. Those that are stuck in the past will not want to let go of Gzip, but when they finally let it go and embrace Brotli compression they are a lot happier and forget about their ex as they have a better new girlfriend in regards to their compression needs.

Making sure that you are using web images instead of JPEG or PNG will lead to you seeing an increase in your load times on your website. This is a huge advantage and one that many people will want to run with when it comes to their images on their site. Since images are so vital to a good website, it is advised that you go with web images for your needs.
As you are able to see, there are a lot of advantages that you need to look at in using these wins for increasing your performance as well as increasing your security.