The Cool S Story

If you went through a form of formal schooling during the past half a decade, you probably came across a stylized S symbol that featured fourteen connected line segments. Because everyone else was drawing it, you probably drew it too on most of your writing materials. But did you know what the Cool S thing meant or where it originated?

Ideally, the Cool S appears in other names such as the super S, pointy S, the S factor or middle school S, and many more. It is a trendy graffiti sign in popular culture usually doodled on children’s notebooks and urbane graffitied walls.

The Cool S has been drawing by children and teens for a long time on walls and other things.
Typically, children have been drawing the Cool S for a long time, and its drawing can be addictive over time.

The drawing is pretty simple; one starts with two sets of three parallel lines joined diagonally left to right and capped off at the top and bottom with pointy bits.

What is the meaning of Super S?

The internet features plenty of wild but unconfirmed theories as to what the Super S could actually mean. Many people remember they were aged 14 when they first encountered and fell in love with the S thing. As to what the symbol meant to them, everyone had their theory, some quite wild, others spooky.

Most believe the S thing is linked to some form of paranormal mind control. Many more believe it is a tool that activates magic. All these explanations have not been proven, and for now, they serve as a form of entertainment. What is clear, though, is that students everywhere know and love the Super S, and each subculture thought it belonged to them. However, the world may never know the real high school subculture that the Cool S indeed insinuated.

Where did the Cool S originate from?

The thing is, no one really knows where the Cool S came from, although there are a lot of guesses, none of which have been authoritatively proven. Some argue it originated from geometry textbooks, while other pundits argue it is a 90s’ trend. Some people swear the Cool S was part of pop culture as early as the 1960s.

The Cool S is often associated with the logo of Superman, here he is drawn in his uniform.
The Cool S is still associated with the logo of Superman.

There is no doubt that the Cool S is widespread across North America, Asia, Egypt, and Australia, most of Europe, Russia, and South America. There has also been a theory that the pointy S was an original emblem for Stussy’s clothing brand, but this theory appears farfetched. Still, others associated the symbol with the Superman Logo’s incarnation, but the jury is still out on this one. What is clear, though, is that the S is not a Stussy logo or a gift from generous aliens.