The Story Behind a Good Design Idea

In the age of the internet, stories are powerful tools to help you get the most out of your website. They allow you to engage users and make them listen and accept what you have to offer. There are several ways to incorporate storytelling in web design so that you communicate your messages more effectively. These include the following.

Use of images

Images offer a great way to wrap up a message using a visual story. Ideally, users prefer images over texts because they are much easier to remember and process than numbers or texts. The proper use of images on your website enhances the experience of users who visit your website. But don’t put too many images. The idea is to wrap important information into images to make their site visit as pleasant and memorable as possible.


Personality is now an essential aspect of modern web design. It helps build a real image that connects well with your site visitors. Nature helps make all the difference when the same audience is choosing between different services and websites. Personality will also help narrate an exciting story about yourself, the company’s missions and goals, and the product or service you are offering. When you tell your story in person, you not only make it more authentic and trustworthy, but you also help your audience get a clear picture.

Use illustrations

Illustrations also have the same impact that photos have on on-site visitors. But illustrations offer a more flexible way to pass your story. When designing a website, you can use illustrations to show sequential steps, conditions, and relationships between elements. You can also use a detailed illustration to explain how your product or service works.

Use background images

Large background images also offer another excellent way to tell stories on your website. Background images are flexible to use as they can adapt to any role that you prefer. You can place them in the background to create a specific sphere based on color, motive, and focus. You can also use images to add a feeling of depth to the design. In a nutshell, background images help you tell a story about your product and service and wrap up the bigger website story.


A critical element of any story is the character. Mascots, when designing a website, will help personalize the character of the story. This will make the story more real, authentic, and personal. Ideally, the mascot you use can take the role of an active participant or a narrator who observes the action from far.


Words, too, provide a powerful means to tell your story. The words you show on your website right from the navigation menu to the main content matters. Each of the words you use will form a story that you tell the web visitors. It would help tell the story straightforwardly and consistently that passes the intended message effectively.