What Makes Good Web Design?

If you do not know where to start, consider what holds the most importance of good web design, it can be a difficult challenge. A well thought out website design reaps a successful outcome for whatever your web is developed. Keep in mind that a web needs to be grossly attractive to the eye, pleasing, interesting and easy to read and understand. It must convey your message and build a brand that is sound and understandable. Novices or skilled professionals can do web designs. Novices are able to learn the concepts of simple web design by following a few tips of the trade. Keep in mind that not all web designs work the same. Know that your web needs revamping and refreshing at intervals, adding new information. Always offer new and updated information to your readers, otherwise your web design becomes boring, stale and uninteresting.

Brands and Logos

The most important thing to keep in mind is the packaging; this is how a good web design sells successfully. The web must carry a certain amount of weight to every part of your design. Part of this web’s package is your logo. A logo is something that people look at and they instantly recognize what the brand stands for, such as McDonald has the large arch with the bright M and McDonald stamped through the M, everyone knows that this is a popular burger restaurant. When you see an apple with a bit out of it, you instantly think of a popular brand of computer and know that this is the Apple Company. An eye-catching logo successfully builds your brand. Decide where to position the logo, the color of the logo, contrast to make the logo stand out, and the size and where to look. Photos need to be crisp and sharp, with clarity. Never over emphasize anything. Too much of a good thing is not good. Additionally, a logo needs to be well thought out, because a logo should never change.

Useful Easy to Read Information is Essential to a Website


A web designed with plenty of space and just enough information and logo is best. Filling up a website with too much ‘stuff’ soon makes people lose interest in the site. Writing on the web using line spaces makes for easier reading and understanding of the site. Once you have discovered the ideal line spacing of your web you must make sure that nothing runs through the text, neither should the text fall into any boarder or through images. There needs to be space between this thing and the text. If you are not familiar with white space, this is simply the empty space on a page. Sometimes this white space adds clarity and elegance. Browse through magazines to see how the professionals use white space in their articles. The colors chosen in a web design can be a real turn off or can be pleasant to look at, drawing the reader into the site for more information.

Websites Need to Present Clear Directions to Readers

Your readers need direction when they go into your web. They need to know where to go for the information they require. A good web design offers readers, buttons, arrows and more in order to navigate around the site. These navigation tools need to show a clear path on where the reader can go and what they will find, such as a toolbar with a breakdown of the web content. It is important to keep readers orientated to your web; otherwise, interest may be quickly lost. Most people think that web design is not a possible project as it entails the knowledge they do not have to develop a successful web, taking into consideration about how the design centers, what kind of font, size of font and everything else within the web so that all proportions effectively. What position do you want to put everything in and what size do you want to use for everything, including the text needs consideration, as does the proper alignment. A good web design takes a lot of thinking and a design of this type is not built over night, it takes time to see a successful outcome.

“KISS” Your Website’s Design


Avoid complex designs trying to keep it simple. Nothing should cross another in the site, keeping everything separate. Always keep things simple for better design. An old saying regarding complex projects is to ‘KISS’ the project, or “Keep it simple, stupid’. Many times people make things more difficult than they need to be. Readers of your website need to find that this site is very easy to use. The photos in this site are interesting and attractive. Somehow all the information, photos, texts, images, videos and more need to sll blend in together and be user-friendly. Good web designs means getting into your readers’ minds and know what they actually want out of what you are offering. What are readers looking for in your website? Everything that you are offering within your site needs to line up with everything matching up or fitting together like a puzzle. Consistencies throughout the web design are important, avoiding spelling and grammar errors and offering high quality is an excellent formula for a good web design.